Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Procol Harum - 1971-04-12 - A&R Studios, NYC

AKA: Trower's last stand...
 Fall is in the air up here, and that means it's time to listen to some Procol Harum, a band I always associate with cool breezes, changing leaves and driving around aimlessly on my days off.

This share comes from late in Robin Trower's stint in the band, and in fact may represent his final gig with the band? I'm not sure about that, but it's gotten the bootleggy title of Robin's Last Stand which is too fun not to share. I am sure that it's a solid gig, performed live-to-air from New York's A&R Studios (where Pharoah Sanders would record Black Unity only a few months later!) and was broadcast on WPLJ, which sources tell me was in this case a radio station and not a song about mixing wine with lemon juice.

It opens with a rockin' "Memorial Drive," featuring Trower's chunky guitar and Gary Brooker busting out some boogie piano. From there, they launch into slower material: "Nothing That I Did," the driving blues of "Simple Sister," and the lengthy "Whaling Stories," which builds up like a storm and has a ton of energy. "A Salty Dog" has some of the same vibes, although at a slower tempo.

As noted, this was pretty close to the end of one phase of the band. From here, it wasn't far until they were playing with symphony orchestras and dabbling with roots-rock (roots prog?) on Exotic Birds and Fruit. Which Esoteric Records just released in a deluxe, 3CD set, and I reviewed it a while back for Live in Limbo. So do check that out, it's got the Replacement Programming seal of approval.

  1. Memorial Drive
  2. Still There'll Be More
  3. Nothing That I Didn't Know
  4. Simple Sister
  5. Luskus Delph
  6. Shine On Brightly
  7. Whaling Stories
  8. Broken Barricades
  9. Juicy John Pink
  10. A Salty Dog
  11. Whiskey Train
  12. Power Failure


M. Milner said...

Procol '71: https://www47.zippyshare.com/v/PGWUNLh7/file.html

jim said...

Thanks, jimg.