Friday, July 27, 2018

Herbie Hancock - 1973-02-20, Strata Art Gallery, Detroit, MI

Here's a weird one. At some point in February 1973 - this came to me with the date of Feb. 20, 1973, which I'll go with - Herbie Hancock and his Mwandishi band played the Strata Art Gallery in Detroit. That's at least what You'll Know When You Get There by Bob Gluck says. Elsewhere, I can find references to something called the Strate Concert Gallery, which Herbie mentions playing in 1973.

What he also mentions is their soundman, Fundi, made tapes of every gig. Which would explain this concert here: it's a long, nearly three hour set, and has a roomy sound, like an audience tape. But it's hard to imagine a taper having enough space for something of this length! Indeed, the band stretches out on "Hidden Shadows," which was about to be released (but recorded something like a year previous), Bennie Maupin's tune "Quasar," and "Revelation," which would end up on an Eddie Henderson record. So a stage tape sounds about right, and thanks again, Fundi! Did I mention there's some lengthy improvisation, too. It's interesting, heady stuff: a lengthy look at this band in full flight, challenging both themselves and their audience.

1-1 - Hidden Shadows
1-2 - Firewater
2-1 - Revelation
2-2 - You'll Know When You Get There
3-1 - Quasar
3-2 - Improv


M. Milner said...

Herbie '73

frightwig said...

This has two more tracks than the download I had before! Thanks very much for the upgrade, M.