Saturday, July 21, 2018

Herbie Hancock - 1972-03-25, De Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Herbie demonstrates a CBS-era Rhodes... while signed to Warner Bros

Here's another nice recording from my collection of Herbie Hancock bootlegs. This one's a radio broadcast from March 1972, and I don't really know too much about this one, especially since Sugarmegs is down at the moment. The announcer introduces them as the Herbie Hancock sextet, which is interesting: I guess they weren't going by Mwandishi quite yet. And the broadcast joins the performance in progress, and I think catches the end of one song most of "Sleeping Giant," but unfortunately it cuts off just as it gets going.

Still, there's quite a nice amount of music here: about half and hour of them working up a deep groove, complete with a lengthy bass solo and lots of percussion. I wonder if the full broadcast exists in a vault somewhere?


M. Milner said...

Herbie '72:

frightwig said...

If I hadn't been told that this is Herbie with Mwandishi in 1972, I'd never guess. All acoustic piano until the end, when the DJ breaks in, right? A lot of hand percussion. Makes me think of the Art Ensemble of Chicago or something. Of course Herbie came from Chicago. Maybe he wanted an AACM band of his own, for awhile.

M. Milner said...

Thanks for the comment, Frightwig. That's a very good observation, I didn't make that connection but I totally see it now that you've pointed it out!