Monday, June 25, 2018

Clifford Jordan - 1974-04-05, Half Note, NYC, NY

Generally, I remember Clifford Jordan as the other reed player on Charles Mingus' 1964 tour though Europe. You know, the tour with Dolphy that's been bootlegged extensively and was recently subject to a lavish Mosaic box set.

But on his own, Jordan was a remarkable tenor player, who spent most of the 70s and beyond working with European labels like Steeplechase and Soul Note. And it was on Soul Note that he released a live album from a show at the Half Note from April, 1974. He was joined by a crack band: bassist Sam Jones, pianist Cedar Walton and Albert Heath on drums.

That record, which I haven't heard, has a basically identical setlist to this show. But there's also some stuff here that isn't on that record, which makes be suspect they might be different sets, or that this has a different origin (a FM broadcast, maybe?). I don't know. I do know that you can buy the long out-of-print record on Discogs and you can listen to this show via me.


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