Monday, May 14, 2018

Carla Bley - 1984-07-16, Schauberg, Bremen, Germany

A belated birthday...

I always forget about it until like some European blog mentions it, but Carla Bley's birthday is May 11. And since she's one of my fave musicians out there, it seems about right to post some more of her music.

This show comes from summer 1984, which is right around what the Penguin Guide might argue was the lo ebb of her career. They certainly don't care for stuff like I Hate to Sing, and I see where they're coming from. This set has her and her band in fine form, however, working on older tunes like "Song Sung Long" and "Fleur Carnivore," not to mention her arrangement of Monk's "Misterioso," which I believe was commissioned by Hal Willner around this time.

Not long after this, Bley would go in two directions almost at once: smaller, more intimate groups, then what she'd dub "The Very Big Band," which was about what it sounds like.

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