Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lucinda Williams - House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA; July 30, 2001

One more for International Women's Month...

Maybe you noticed a theme here this month: I posted only boots by female musicians. Because hey, it's international women's month and because it wasn't really all that hard. And there's plenty of good music to share.

The last one I've got for this month is a nice show from Lucinda Williams. It's a lengthy show from the House of Blues in Hollywood from 2001, and features a nice band:  
Lucinda Williams - vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Doug Pettibone - electric guitar, electric mandolin, steel guitar
Bo Ramsay - electric guitar
Taras Prodaniuk - bass
Don Heffington - drums
Honestly, I can't say I'm overly familar with her music, at least enough to say if this is like the Cornell '77 of Williams bootlegs or anything, but it's a fun listen and that's usually enough for me. Hope you enjoy, too!

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