Monday, March 26, 2018

Diana Krall - 2004-06-24, Black Orchid Supper Club, Chicago, IL

Almost blue...
Cor baby, that's really her

I can hear it already: this is too smooth, too easy listening, too mainstream, blah blah blah. I can understand why some people might not like Diana Krall, but I don't really agree with it.

Maybe it's because she's such a crossover success that it's almost impossible not to find her records in thrift-stores and second-hand CD shops. Maybe it's because she doesn't play outside/free jazz or records for a hip, small indie jazz label. Maybe it's because (gasp!) she's a woman who leads her own band. I dunno. But I think that in a vacuum, Krall's a remarkable talent. She possesses a husky voice that drips smokey vibes and emotion and it able to not only turn a song like Elvis Costello's "Almost Blue" into a standard, but make you think it's been one all along. I mean, people love Chet Baker for almost doing the same thing and he threw away most of his talent. And he couldn't play and sing at the same time, like Krall does.

This set was recorded live in 2004, but as per the notes on Ousterhout, it wasn't broadcast until 2008. I grabbed this off a long-vanished blog a few years ago, so any details on the broadcast are long gone, but Krall was touring with a crack band (that's Peter Erskine on drums, who you may remember from his stint in Weather Report) and had an interesting setlist this evening. So: it's a great sounding recording, a good band and a nice setlist. Maybe take a listen, will ya?

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