Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Todd Rundgren - Fox Theater, Atlanta, November 8, 1973

The pink, blode and green-haired superstar...

Via the Retro Rock archives, here's a killer Todd Rundgren's Utopia show from late 1973, presented with great FM sound.

This was a vintage era for Rundgren, who had quickly risen into a hotshot producer, one-man band and a role as the musician's musician. Or something. While solo records like Something/Anything or Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren showed his songwriting and playing growing by leaps and bounds.

But it's with Utopia (mark one, anyway) that thing really started turning into something interesting. With three keyboardists in tow, including the remarkable Moogy Klingman, Utopia comes off like an American attempt at prog-rock. After all, their first record had a 30-minute track on the second side, complete with lengthy solos and several sections.

There isn't anything quite that intense here, but there's a welcome mix of older Rundgren tunes and material from Todd, which is basically a Utopia album in all but name. Personally, I love this version of "Don't You Ever Learn," since it's lacking all the reverb and layered vocals of the studio version, which lets his keyboardists shine.

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