Tuesday, December 12, 2017

NRBQ - June 5, 1977, The Shaboo Inn, Williamantic, CT

The best bar band on the planet?...

Sometimes I'll think about NRBQ and get kind of bummed out. Here was a band that could play boogie, blues, straight-up rock and even a jazz tune or two and should have been at least as big at The Band. And wasn't. On any given night, I think NRBQ might have been the best bar band in the world: they'd play stuff you could dance to, stuff that wasn't pretentious and was a lot of fun.

And in 1977, they were utterly out of sync with popular trends.

Remember, this was the year where the Ramones released both Leave Home and Rocket to Russia, Elvis Costello released My Name Is True and Iggy Pop released Lust for Life. By comparison, NRBQ's mix of irreverent humour, blues-based boogie and tight chops - listen to then twisting and turning through "Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard"- must've been decidedly uncool to the skinny tie crowd. But, as you can hear from the crowd on this show, or for yourself, they tore it up to everyone's delight. I'd name a few highlights from this show, but then I'd list every track. It's a personal fav of mine.

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