Saturday, December 9, 2017

Jan Garbarek - 1978-04-11, Funkhaus, Hamburg, Germany

Here's something I've been digging recently. A tasty live session from 1978 featuring Garbarek and several ECM stablemates: Ralph Towner (g), John Abercrombie (g) and Nana Vasconcelos (percussion).

There's a few things that stand out here for me: the pairing of Towner and Abercrombie, which I don't think happened on any of Garbarek's albums at the time, and the way a few of Towner's compositions ("Nimbus," "Waterwheel") are included in what's, nominally, a Garbarek-led session. As such, the whole thing has a nice Solstice vibe and there's a few moments where Garbarek lets loose on his horn. This isn't a session of pale, nordic colours.

Like every session I've heard coming out of Funkhaus, this has great sound quality. I imagine it was a NDR broadcast, although I can't be certain. Recommended for 70s-era ECM buffs. Link in comments.


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