Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Dave Holland - 2001-08-16, Park Dan Brandt, Antwerp, Netherlands

I've been busy, so not really much to say here, except I like Dave Holland and this is a good show from around the time of Not for Nothin', so there's a lot to like, if you like good, straight-ahead jazz.

1. Global Citzen
2. Highwire
3. Make Believe
4. What Goes Around
5. Prime Directive

Drums: Billy Kilson
Bass: Dave Holland
Vibes: Steve Nelson
Trombone: Robin Eubanks
Sax: Chris Potter


R. Milner said...

Dave Holland '01:

rev.b said...

Dave Holland, a good show, that's more than enough for me. A great band too. Thank you!

R. Milner said...

Glad you like it! I have something like 20 Dave Holland shows, I'm eventually planning on getting them all up