Monday, December 31, 2018

Codona - September 1978

There's been a handful of ECM-formed groups, and for my money, Codona represents what the label did at it's best: mixing influences and pairing musicians with sympathetic interests. With Codona, the label got trumpeter Don Cherry to play alongside sitarist Collin Walcott and percussionist Nana Vasconcelos; all three had interests in mixing jazz with Eastern influences, and together they created a unique style of music.

Over the course of three records, Codona (the first two letters of everyone's name, get it?) created jazz that would go into long drones,  stuff that was percussion-heavy and didn't exactly swing, but was never too far from it's jazz roots. Or, one could argue, from "world music" or some of the more interesting new age stuff from about the same time (ie: Laraaji).

I think Walcott was arguably the driving force here: the music doesn't sound too far removed from his work either as a solo artist (Cloud Dance is my fave) or with Oregon (stick to Jade Muse). It's groovy stuff - definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you're into stuff that will challenge you, or are into stuff that Alice Coltrane, Laraaji or the Windham Hill was releasing in the late 70s, do check this out. You won't regret it, and maybe it'll inspire you to do some deep meditation for 2019!

1978-09-01 - Willisau, Switzerland
  1.  New Light
  2. Mumakata Intro
  3. Mumakata
  4. Colemanwonder > Race face > Sir Duke
  5. Let Thy Wish Become My Desire
  6. Que Faser
  7. Like That of the Sky > Togo

1978-09-08 - Trevano, Italy
  1. Like That of the Sky
  2. Improv
  3. Improv
  4. Mumakata
  5. Vocalese 
1978-09-13, Funkhaus, Hamburg, Germany
  1. Like That of the Sky
  2. Codona Moon Dog
  3. Relativity Suite 
  4. Onipapa > Africadeus
  5. Race Face
  6. Onipapa