Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Jerry Garcia - 1982-11-09, E.M. Lowe's Theater, Worceste, MA (Early Show)

Jerry and Lisa

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a lousy Deadhead. I like their shorter, more rockin' tunes than the lengthy, spaced-out jams. I liked those Road Trip releases where they'd have the best moments from a handful of shows. And when it comes to solo Jerry, I have a soft spot for the 80s.

These were not exactly great years for Garcia. Hooked on heroin and in poor health, he'd wind up in a diabetic coma before the decade was out. His marriage to Mountain Girl was in shambles and they didn't live together. And John Kahn was providing a notably bad influence on him when he was away from the band.

That said, when he was on in the 80s, he was really on. This show in Massachusetts is a great example, featuring him in prime form. I especially like this version of "Dear Prudence," which has his reedy voice full of emotion and some choice soloing: slow, deliberate and downright bluesy. There's more, of course: a jaunty "Tangled Up In Blue," and rockin' "Deal," and two sweet Motown covers. But if I'm being honest, I like to go back to this version of Prudence. Something about Melvin Seals' organ and the way Garcia's guitar licks mesh always does it for me. FWIW, the sound's great too: it's a soundboard, but not one where his guitar is buried in the mix. 


M. Milner said...

Jerry '82: https://www111.zippyshare.com/v/s8ZawETl/file.html

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