Sunday, July 29, 2018

Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch

Here's something a little different. In 1996, with Daft Punk breaking into the dance charts and people from around the world tuning into French house music, the boys at Daft Music started their own record label: Roulé Music. Essentially, it was a place for them to sneak out ideas and experiments, not to mention records from their friends and myriad side projects. Altogether, the label's output was something like 30 releases, almost all of them 12" singles.

Today's share is probably my favourite of them all, or at least in the top five. On "Spinal Scratch," Bangalter works a slight sample, thumb on the turntable style. He slows it down, scratches, breaks the music down to it's components and demonstrates a masterclass in how to stretch a drum machine, a sequencer and a turntable for over seven minutes, barely repeating an idea. It reminds me a little of minimalist classical, in how it's changing textures are the point, not the musical figure itself. But it's also got a hell of a groove.

The B-side, "Spinal Beats," is no slouch either, although with just a drum sample it's arguably even minimaler. More minimal? You know what I mean.

Anyway here's a free idea for Numero, Light in the Attic or whatever reissue label you love the most: release a Roule box set. All these singles had pretty minimal runs, I imagine, and they've been out of print for well over a decade. I do see Stardust's lone single Music Sounds Better With You occasionally, but have yet to run across one of their other releases in the flesh. So please, someone get the rights to this, even if it's just on Bandcamp! Until then, your best bet is Discogs where you can get a copy for about $10

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