Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Back on the Saddle (Spring '76)

Old man, look at my jeans
With news that there's (maybe? sort of?) a new (old) Neil Young album on the way, I was reminded of another Young mix I made. This one came after I decided to clean up my hard drive, but couldn't do without any of Young/Crazy Horse's spring 1976 tour.

After all, this was their first tour as a unit - I'm not counting those weird California shows they did in 1975 - and the music is loose, ragged and a lot of fun. And every show has it's moments, but they took up a ton of space. So I took my fave moments, arranged them like a show would've gone, and here ya go: an acoustic set, then a lengthy electric one. I cheated a little, and stuffed it with a little of everything they played - including a super rare version of "Last Trip to Tulsa" which I think they only played once. "Sad Movies," meanwhile, was played a few times and then Young didn't play it again for 30 years. Still hasn't released it, either.

Acoustic Set
01 Tell Me Why (03_08_76 - Fukuoka, Japan)
02 Let It Shine (Osaka 3_6_1976)
03 Cowgirl In The Sand (3_26_1976 - Paris)
04 Sad Movies (1976-03-26, Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
05 Mellow My Mind (03_19_76 - Offenbach, Germany)
06 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (3_08_76 - Fukuoka, Japan)
07 Ohio (3_19_76 - Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany)
08 No One Seems To Know (3_11_76 - Tokyo, Japan)
09 Heart of Gold (3_20_76 - Koln, Germany)

Electric Set
01 Country Home (3_23_76 - Paris)
02 Don't Cry No Tears (3_20_76 - Koln, Germany)
03 Down by the River (3_20_76 - Koln, Germany)
04 The Last Trip To Tulsa (3_21_76 - Hamburg, Germany)
05 Lotta Love (3_19_76 - Offenbach, Germany)
06 Like A Hurricane (3_25_76 - Paris)
07 Let It Shine (1976-03-26, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).mp3
08 Barstool Blues (03_19_76 - Offenbach, Germany)
09 Cortez the Killer (3_20_76 - Koln, Germany)
10 Southern Man (3_08_76 - Fukuoka, Japan)
11 Cinnamon Girl (3_26_76 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


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Neil '76: https://workupload.com/file/CLTj9xh

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