Monday, June 25, 2018

Clifford Jordan - 1974-04-05, Half Note, NYC, NY

Generally, I remember Clifford Jordan as the other reed player on Charles Mingus' 1964 tour though Europe. You know, the tour with Dolphy that's been bootlegged extensively and was recently subject to a lavish Mosaic box set.

But on his own, Jordan was a remarkable tenor player, who spent most of the 70s and beyond working with European labels like Steeplechase and Soul Note. And it was on Soul Note that he released a live album from a show at the Half Note from April, 1974. He was joined by a crack band: bassist Sam Jones, pianist Cedar Walton and Albert Heath on drums.

That record, which I haven't heard, has a basically identical setlist to this show. But there's also some stuff here that isn't on that record, which makes be suspect they might be different sets, or that this has a different origin (a FM broadcast, maybe?). I don't know. I do know that you can buy the long out-of-print record on Discogs and you can listen to this show via me.


M. Milner said...

Jordan '74:

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frightwig said...

I notice that the first 6 tracks here match the "Half Note" LP, except reshuffled, the timings are different, and the channel separation here is more distinct here than on the LP tracks at YouTube. Without studying the playing, I'd guess that you're right--this sounds like a soundboard of a different set from the gig.

Anyway, lately I found another Jordan live album, Night of the Mark VII from 1975, with Walton, Jones, and Billy Higgins--the lineup that also plays on half of Glass Bead Games. A nice supplement to this, if anyone wants to google it.

Thanks for sharing, M.

M. Milner said...

Thanks for the comment, Frightwig. I only did a small comparison, so I appreciate you went a little deeper. And I'll keep my eyes open for that one, too. Maybe it'll pop up on one of the usual suspects